Champagne. The one excuse to celebrate anything.

Pop the bubbly! Holiday season is here-

Honestly, I can ((&& do)) find any excuse to enjoy myself a glass of wine. (( who am I kidding, alcohol in general))

Found those boots on sale? Sure! Pour yourself a glass of wine. you saved some money. 

Gave up that seat on the subway for the old, crippled women. Give yourself a pat on the back, and a nice glass of pinot. 

But my most indulgent guilty pleasure by far? Champagne.  

There’s nothing like those bubbles tickling your nose && the crisp, fruity flavor awakening your senses. Its such a happy, playful drink, it can’t help but make you smile. 

Aside from those everyday victories I find to celebrate, this time of year really puts me in full champagne mode. The possibilities are endless for entertaining with your loved ones, and incorporating this little luxury. My next grand gathering? Champagne themed party. Pinterest, my latest addiction, is so amazingly wonderful for anything && everything. Especially a little inspiration. 




If I had my way, I’d throw Gatsby-style parties on the reg. Outside my snow-globe of a fantasy, I think some of these ideas would be perfect for this season’s holiday adventures. 




Life’s greatest little luxury. The French macaroon. 

These mini, light as air, and absolutely decedent treats melt in your mouth, with a ooey-gooey center that is just divine. A little on the pricey side, in most city bakeries, but an item I find myself constantly having around the apartment. How adorable would they look on a gold tray, with champagne flutes, some metallic confetti and a nice bottle of bubbly???


As if things couldn’t get cuter, cake pops have emerged on the scene. I am obsessed with these tiny pops of goodness. 



Balloons. Cheap. Fun. Festive. Done.


I would say obsessed, but I think that’s an understatement. These colors are super fun Pink and gold is super fab and black & white? an all-time classic.



What inspires your next shindig?! 



❤ Jackie


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